Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chapter 4

Jon sighed with resignation and offered his left arm to Melody.

“Here, do your worst”

“Hmmm, usually patients want me to do my best!”

Mel grinned back at him as she settled on a rolling stool next to the stretcher and placed a protective pad under Jon’s arm. Snapping on a pair of gloves and grabbing all of her supplies she went to work.

“OK Jon this will be very tight, sorry about that” she said as she swiftly placed a tourniquet just bellow his elbow. She then gently ran her fingers over his muscular forearm looking for the best vein.

“Mmmm, someone been working out!” she said as she located her target area. After swabbing the site with an antiseptic, she picked up the angiocath and looked up at Jon.

“You will feel a really big pinch, try not to move please!”

After seeing his nod of consent she quickly inserted the guide needle, got the desired flash back and advanced the catheter into the vein. Putting pressure over the site, she withdrew the needle and attached the vacutainer hub and filled up three test tubes with blood. She placed the test tubes back on her tray, attached the IV tubing and dressed the site with a clear plastic dressing.

“OK, all done!” she said and looked up at Jon and chuckled.

“You can open your eyes now!”

Jon opened his eyes and surveyed his arm. Then seeing the blood filled test tubes he shook his head in disbelieve.

“Wow! You are good! That did not hurt as much as I expected!”

“So, does that mean I win the bet?” chuckled Mel as she was cleaning up the mess and labeling the blood tubes.

“You sure did!”

“Uh, Mel! I think I need your help here!‘’ came a worried voice from the other side of the stretcher.

She glanced and saw David supporting pale and clammy Richie with his shoulder.

“Lord have mercy!” she exclaimed as she swiftly moved around the stretcher and approached the other two men. She grabbed Richie’s wrist and felt for his pulse, reassuring herself that his vitals were strong, she turned to David.

“What the hell happened here?”

“Well, he was fine until he saw the needle and the blood” shrugged David.

Mel grabbed a wash cloth and ran to the sink. On her way back to Richie, she grabbed an ammonia popper and cracked it under his nose. As soon as he started struggling to get away from the offensive smell, she gently helped him to recline in his chair and mopped his forehead with a cold damp cloth.

“Easy big guy!” she said noting the return of his normal color. “Do you want to lay down? I can get Fred to bring another stretcher in here.”

“No,no…I’m fine!” protested Richie as he sat up straight in his chair and managed an almost convincing smile at Melody.

“Suit your self” she shrugged her shoulders at him and turned back to Jon.

Jon has turned on his side in an effort to see his friends and his gown rode up slightly exposing his left hip.

Melody cocked an eyebrow at the site of his exposed flesh, grabbed a sheet and covered her patient, mumbling under her breath.

“Go figure! The rumors were true…he does go commando!”

She was rewarded with laughter from all three men.

As she was shaking her head at them in disbelieve, the wall intercom came to life.

“Melody, the Diagnostic Imaging is ready for your patient” came through Jane’s voice.

“Thanks Janie! Can you please send Fred in!”

Turning to Jon she quickly surveyed him and handed him a plastic baggy “I need you to take off all metal objects and put them in this bag for me please! The MRI is a magnet, so you can’t have any metal objects in the room”

Jon nodded his understanding and removed his watch and jewelry.

“Where should I put this?” he asked holding the plastic bag.

“You can give it to your friends to hold it for you”

Jon nodded and handed the bag to David.

“Do you still want your Advil?” Melody asked him holding up a small glass vial.

“Depends” answered Jon eyeing the vial and the syringe next to it suspiciously.

I’ll put it into you IV” chuckled Mel.

“OK, but what is it?”

“This is called Toradol, and its like an industrial strength Ibuprofen. It will take an edge off your pain without making you drowsy.”

“OK, then drug me up please” he grinned at Mel.

Melody quickly checked the label for the last time, drew up and administered the medication through the IV port.

“It will take about five to ten minutes to kick in” she warned him.

"Thank you sweet…uhm, darling” he smiled at her.

Mel rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Fred chose that moment to enter the room, grabbed the clip board from Mel and wheeled Jon away for his test.

Seeing her patient taken care off, Melody turned her attention to Richie.

“How’re you feeling Big Guy?” she asked approaching him again.

“O… I think I need a sponge bath” he moaned dramatically.

“Sure! No problem! As soon as Fred gets back, I’ll have him give you one!” She smirked back at him.

David almost slid off his chair laughing.

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  1. Lmao the image of Richie almost passing out is inbedded in my mind.