Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chapter 3

Melody returned to the room few minutes later accompanied by a distinguished looking older man in a white coat.

“This is Dr. Arroyo” she introduced him to the three men in the room.

Turning her attention to the doctor, she went on with her case work up.

“The patient is a 48 year old healthy male, with no known drug allergies, and no previous health concerns, complains of sudden onset sharp pain in his left calf, during a prolonged physical activity.”

The doctor nodded his thank you to Mel and approached Jon’s stretcher. After brief handshake and introduction to Jon’s friends he went on with a thorough physical examination. Melody provided the needed assistance and answered the inquiries as they went along. Just as Jon was getting to the end of his tolerance of the poking and prodding, the doctor stepped away from the stretcher and turned to Melody

“Ok, Mel, lets start with a CBC, Type and Screen, and a Complete Metabolic Panel, throw in an IV of Normal Saline at 100 per hour and lets get an MRI of that leg. Working diagnosis DVT versus a torn Gastrocnemius muscle. Keep the ice on in the mean time.” Then turning back to glance at his patient’s pained expression he added “And how about Morphine 10 milligrams IM to start with, and you can also give him 30 milligrams of Toradol IV or IM, which ever is easier for you.” Nodding to Melody and the men, he left the room.

Melody punched a few more keys in the computer and turned to look at Jon. Smiling at his puzzled expression, she approached the stretcher.


“Yeah, you could say that. Could you please translate what he just said?”

“Well, I’m going to draw some blood from you and start an IV. Then we will set you up for a diagnostic test called an MRI. Hopefully that will tell us what is wrong with your leg. And in the mean time I can give you some Morphine for pain.”

“Whoa, wait a second! You gonna stick needles in me?”

“Yes, we do that to patients in our hospital!” Mel smirked at him “That is why I love my job!”

“I hate needles!”

“Uhmmm, and that ink has been sprayed on?” She pointed to his fading Superman Tattoo.

“Nope, they actually had to use a Sharpie for that!” Jon grinned.

“What’s the matter Jon? Afraid of a little prick?” laughed David.

“No, the needle pricks I can deal with, but the two of you are beginning to annoy me!”

“OK, how about I give you the Morphine first, then you won’t really care about the blood work and IV?” Mel asked.

“About that Morphine… I don’t want anything that will make my brain fuzzy.”

“Too late for that bro!” snickered Richie, then turning to Melody he said “Ah just give him a stick to bite on or something!”

“Shut up asshole!” mumbled Jon in Richie’s direction, then glancing at Melody he added “Can’t you just give me a couple of Advils or something?”

Melody laughed at their banter as she wheeled an IV cart over to Jon. Swiftly she spiked a bag of Saline and primed the tubing. Seeing Jon eyeing her set up wearily she chuckled.

“How about this, I’ll let you choose which arm you want this in?”

“His!” he grumbled and pointed to Richie.

“Hey!!! Why me? Stick it in David!”

“I think Lexi needs me at home.” said David and made a motion to escape from the room, while being firmly restrained by Richie’s muscular arm

“Didn’t think I signed up for pediatrics tonight.” mumbled Melody under her breath and rolled her eyes.

Facing David and Richie she gave them her version of a ‘stink eye’ “Sit down you two! I don’t need anyone passing out on me! One rock star patient at a time is my limit!”

Then she eyed squirming Jon “ OK, lets make a bet. If you hold still and not move for two minutes, I bet I can get this IV in on a first try, and also get the blood work drawn at the same time and save you a second stick! And if I fail, you can hit those two as hard as you want!” she pointed at David and Richie who were sitting in visitor’s chairs on his right side.

Jon threw his head back and laughed. “Wait, what do I have to give you if you succeed?” he grinned.

Melody shrugged her slim shoulders “I’ll let you know when I come up with something.”

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  1. Yep it's official I love Mel lol. There so many great lines that I can't pick which is my favorite so I will just tell you that the whole chapter had me laughing.