Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 14

Melody sighed and fought to keep herself composed.

Jesus! He looks good enough to eat! Scratch that! He looks sinfully dangerous! Those jeans are hugging him like…like the pants that Jon wears! And that red WTB shirt! O! My! God! Are those his nipples that I see?!?!

Melody swallowed audibly and smiled at Richie, giving herself a mental shake.

Jesus girl! Get a grip and stop drooling! He’s going to think you are some silly groupie or something….

Richie in the mean time was giving Melody his own head to toe perusal.

Wow, she looks hot out of those shapeless scrubs! Nothing like tight jeans to emphasize nice curves! And just look at those eyes! They’re sparkling like two huge emeralds! And that T shirt…what does it say on the front?

He came closer to face Melody and read the front of her shirt. Smirking, he headed for the other sofa, plopped himself down and looked at Mel expectantly.

Melody looked from one rock star to another, both sprawled over their sofas and looking at her expectantly, and turned to Dorothea with a silent plea for help written all over her face.

Dorothea shrugged her shoulders and muttered under her breath “I gotta get me one of those shirts!” then put her hands on her hips and took a step forward to come to Melody’s rescue.

“All right you two! Enough with the theatrics! Richie, stop clowning around and make yourself useful! Since kids are spending the night with their cousins, they’re Matt’s problem. But we need to start thinking about dinner. So go get me some take out menus from the kitchen.”

Richie got up with a sigh and headed for the kitchen as asked.

Dorothea turned to Melody and smiled. “Mel, I can’t thank you enough for taking your time and helping Jon. How much do we owe you for the oils?” When she saw Melody shake her head in protest she went on “Mel, I’m sure those oils are not cheap! Please let me reimburse you for them and your time!”

“It’s OK Dorothea! It actually takes very small amount of Essential Oils to make a therapeutic strength blend! I did not deplete my stock by any means! And as far as my time goes… trust me, this is not a hardship for a fan!”

“OK, OK, I get it!” laughed Dorothea.

“Mel, you did mention that you’re planning to go to the Gillette show? Right?” Jon spoke up from his sofa.

Seeing her nod, he grinned and went on “Where is your seat?”

“Actually its pretty good, 15th row in a lodge next to stage!”

“Stage left or stage right?” asked Dorothea and cocked an eyebrow.

“Stage right.” whispered Mel, blushing.

Jon pouted. Dorothea grinned.

Richie chose this moment to re enter the room.

“What did I miss?” he asked, Melody’s red face not escaping his notice.

“Nothing!” said both Dorothea and Jon and smiled at each other.

“We were just discussing Mel’s plans for the Boston show” gave in Dorothea.

“O yeah, you did say that you had plans to go to Gillette.” smiled Richie.

Melody just nodded.

“Well bro, I was thinking…Since I did lose that bet with Mel about the IV…and she still did not come to collect on it..” Jon smiled “I’m thinking about upgrading her seat to something closer…say…how does a seat in the PIT sound to you Mel?”

“I…I…I don’t know what to say..” was all Mel was able to get out.

“Well I have something to say!” grinned Richie and raised an eyebrow at Jon “Can you make sure its PIT 2, Bro?”

Jon nodded at his wingman and smiled. “Oh, I think I can pull enough rank to make it happen Bro!”

Richie nodded enthusiastically and grinned at Mel.

Melody smiled and shook her head “I don’t know how to thank you Jon! I’ve never had such a great seat.”

“Lets just say we are now settled on the bet! And I’ll think of how to thank you for the oil later!”

Just as Mel opened her mouth to reply, Jon held up his hand “Don’t even think of arguing with me young lady!” he said in his best daddy voice “I am Jon Bon Jovi! Fans who argue with me risk invoking my wrath and the famous Stink Eye!”

“Oh NO!!! Not that!! Not the Stink Eye!” laughed Mel “OK, OK, I won’t argue with you!” she glanced at the clock on the wall “Uhmm, I didn’t realize how late its getting. I think I better go, I still have to stop and pick up dinner myself.”

“Melody, why don’t you stay and have dinner with us?” piped in Dorothea.

“Oh No! I can’t possibly intrude!”

“Nonsense! You won’t be intruding!” laughed Dorothea “You actually might make it more bearable for me with these two clowns!”

“Hey!!!” came from both Richie and Jon.

Richie cleared his throat and winked at Dorothea “You know, I have an even better idea! Why don’t I take Melody out to get something to eat and leave you two to have a nice cozy dinner together?”

“You know Rich, this is probably the best idea you’ve come up with lately” snickered Jon and earned himself a one finger salute.

“Richie, you don’t have to take me to dinner!” protested Mel..

“Nonsense! Of course I do! How else am I gonna get some one to one time with the nurse so she can evaluate my injured arm?” he grinned at her.

“Well, if you put it this way…How can I refuse treatment to a patient?” Mel laughed and picked up her purse. Taking out a business card, she handed it to Jon “Here is another one of my cards, just in case you have any questions about the oil.”

Jon took the card and placed it next to the bottle of oil on the table “Thank you again Mel! Your Gillette ticket will be at the “will call” window on the day of the show! Take care of my guitarist now, and I’ll see you soon …I‘m sure!”

Dorothea came over and gave Melody a hug “Thank you for everything! Enjoy your evening! And I also have a feeling I’ll see you soon!” taking in Mel’s look, she grinned at her “Do you need me to pinch you or something to confirm that this is for real?”

Melody shook her head “Nope… I think its beginning to sink in.” she smiled and waved to the couple “Its been a pleasure meeting both of you! Have a good night!” she turned and followed Richie out of the room and out of the house.


  1. Awe!! Richie is gonna make a really big effort taking Melody out just because Jon and Dorothea can have a "nice cozy dinner together". What a really good friend he is!!!!!

  2. Lol I agree with Jo, Richie is being a really good friend right now. What a hardship it must be for him to have to spend the evening looking across the table at Mel.