Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chapter 11

Dorothea was standing at her kitchen counter, fixing what seemed to be Jon’s fifth or even sixth cup of coffee of the day.

Stupid, stubborn man. Why couldn’t he just take his Vicodin and pass out. Did he really think that she did not notice him grinding his trade mark teeth in pain. Nooo, he just has to rough it out and in the process drive the rest of the people around him insane! Men!!!! How could the Almighty create such stubborn, stupid, maladapted creatures that preferred to exist in a state of denial?

The noise of descending footsteps brought her out of her revere.

And speaking of denial….

“Hello Richie. I see you’ve decided to emerge from your hibernation den and grace us with your company!” she grinned and pulled another mug off the shelf, quickly filling it up with the hot, dark liquid salvation and pushing it across the counter to the grumpy looking guitarist.

“I didn’t ‘decide’!” He grumbled. “Your husband made that ‘decision’ for me as always! And speaking of the asshole, where is his ‘Royal Pain In My Ass‘? “

“In bed, where I left him. Or he better be if he wants to be able to use his other leg!” She smirked “But I guess he was still able to reach his cell!”

“Humph” he nodded inhaling the heavenly aroma of the freshly brewed coffee.

“So, what are your plans for tonight?” she asked him.

“Depends on what your husband’s plans for me are.”

“Well, those could be rearranged…”

She was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. She frowned at the unfamiliar number, but pushed the button.


“Hello. Is this Dorothea?”

“Yes” came a cautious answer.

“Hi, this is Melody, the nurse who took care of your husband last night. You asked me to look into complementary medicine treatments for his injury.”

“Of course! Hello Melody! How are you?” Out of corner of her eye Dorothea noticed Richie sitting up and paying attention to her phone conversation and smiled to herself.

Deny all you want Richie! But after all of these years, I know when you’re interested in a girl!

“I’m great, thanks! Listen, I followed on my hunches and did some research. Turns out there are some Essential Oils that could help expedite the healing of the injured muscles.”

“Fantastic! I knew you’d come through for us! Now, what’s the next step? Where can we get those oils?”

“Well, actually… I have these oils in my collection. I can make the blend for you and teach you how to use it.”

“Melody, you’re a life saver! Jonny is leaving tomorrow morning for the next tour stop. Would you be able to stop by tonight before your shift or tomorrow morning?”

“Actually, I’m not working tonight. I was planning on getting something to eat later tonight. I can stop by on my way. How does six o’clock sound? I just need your address.”

“Six o’clock sounds perfect. We live in Rumson. On the Riverview Drive…” she proceeded to give Mel the driving directions and hung up. Turning to face Richie, she gave him a head to toe look and smirked.

“What?” he huffed.

“Melody will be here in under two hours… you might want to take a shower and change…” she winked at him, took Jon’s coffee mug and went upstairs, leaving shocked Richie staring in her wake.


After hanging up with Dorothea, Melody busied herself preparing the oil blend for Jon. She lined her kitchen table with a layer of aluminum foil and paper towels to protect it from potential spills, and set her supplies on top of it. Carefully measuring the carrier oil, she counted the drops and blended in the Essential Oils in her glass beaker, transferring the resulting compound into a large cobalt blue glass bottle. Satisfied that the screw on dropper top was tight, she labeled the bottle and put away the oils. Then with a smirk on her face, Mel reached for the Lavender oil and made a sniffer. Putting the remaining supplies away, she cleaned her kitchen counter top and stretched. Glancing at her watch Melody sighed.

Five o’clock, I better start getting dressed. Shit! What should I wear? What does one wear to visit a Rock Star at his house?

Walking into her bedroom and opening the closet she stared at her options. She pulled on a favorite pair of jeans and perused her choices of shirts. Spotting a flash of pink, she grinned and pulled it off its hanger.

Perfect! If anything, this should get a laugh out of the Rock Star! Hmmm, I wonder if Richie will be there….


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